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What is a cyst?
On the skin, cysts are closed sac-like structures. They are typically filled with semisolid or liquid materials such as pus or blood. The majority of cysts have no symptoms. Some cysts on the skin, mucous membranes, and those in the organ system, on the other hand, are felt as a lump or raised portion of tissue. Cysts are frequently painful.

Cyst Removal Surgery & Injection Therapy
Cysts are usually found either on the skins surface or using ultrasounds, MRI’s or X-rays. Most cysts are relatively benign and can go without treatment, however, cosmetically many seek out cyst removal options.

Incising and draining the cyst is one method of removal. This is accomplished by making a small hole in the skin with a blade to allow the cyst to drain under pressure. The cyst’s contents are then drained. Furthermore, the use of certain anti-inflammatory injection methods reduces the likelihood of recurrence and, in some cases, can even help dissolve the cyst itself. And, as previously stated, can help to reduce the likelihood of new skin problems or facial blemishes appearing.

For larger cysts that cannot be drained or injected, or where such procedures fail surgical measures are required. The area is numbed and using a scalpel or surgical knife the cyst is cut and removed from the skin’s surface.


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